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Sorting products by priority and not only
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Set priority to products and sort them as you like

ATTENTION! The plugin allows you to set the priority and sorting rules only from backend. Customers will see the already sorted items, but they will not be able to change the sorting rules that you created.

What opportunities will you receive?

  • Fix set of products at the top.
  • Specify priority to products.
  • Use one of 15 ways to sort products with similar priority:
    - priority;
    - name;
    - price;
    - compare price;
    - stock availability;
    - stock count;
    - has summary;
    - has description;
    - create datetime;
    - type;
    - has image;
    - rating;
    - rating count;
    - total sales;
    - random;
  • Use import or product list to change the batch of products.
  • Create lots of sortings rules.
  • Sorting in categories and dynamic sets.
  • Add column with priority to product list.

Examples of usage

  1. In your store You have products, which make You more money than others. You want the customer to first pay attention to them. Using the plugin You will be able to place these products in the beginning of the category or set. If you use random sort, products will mixed among themselves, while remaining at the top.
  2. Another situation: You want to move products in the end. It's exactly the opposite!
  3. If You set the same priority for the products, You will be able to create your own sorting rule for them. Combining 15 different ways of sorting, You can manipulate the products as you like.

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