Flexdiscount - View types

Some blocks have the ability to edit, add, display view types.

With the help of view types You can change the contents of the blocks to display different information on different storefronts (pages). All settings are gathered in one place.

Let's see how to work with view types. Active discounts will be as an example.

Each block has special input information. This information is contained in variables {$workflow}. Each block has own variables.

Here is the template of the Active discounts:

Code has tooltips:

They allow us to understand where the beginning and end of one or another view type.

The view type contained in the variable:

Conditions help us to determine view types:

Each block has place, where you can create your own view type. In this case, You can create a second view type, which will use your HTML code, CSS styles and variables.

You also can create third, fourth, fifth and other view types.

Use your own view type in custom output or in the settings.

Construction of active discounts in custom output:

With other blocks the same situation.

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