Flexdiscount - Discount rules

Discount rule - the set of conditions, the result of which is discount or bonuse.

Discount rules - Flexdiscount

You can create so many rules as you want.

The rules are divided into 2 types:

  • Discounts.
  • Deny rules.

First type - set discount (bonus) to products.

Second type - create conditions, which deny discounts to products.

The plugin works only with the rules and discounts, which are created through it. The plugin could not limit the operation of other discount plugins.

Discount groups

Rules can be combined into isolated groups.

For each group, you can mention own method of calculating the final discount:

  • SUM - discounts will be summarized.
  • MAX - will be chosen the maximum group discount.
  • MAX PROD - maximum discount for each product.
  • MIN - will be chosen the minimum group discount.

For rules that do not belong to any group used to calculate the "SUM".

If group contains deny rule, it will only apply to this group.

If the deny rule does not belong to any group, it is considered for all groups as common.

The list of discounts

Here you can see the list of discount rules. You can:

List of discount rules - Flexdiscount

  1. Create groups, add/remove rules from groups, remove rules.
  2. Change group name (double click on it).
  3. Change the amount of discount and bonus (double click on it).
  4. Change combine type.
  5. Duplicate rules.
  6. Change rule status.
  7. Sort rules.

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