Flexdiscount - Discount rule page

Discount page has 4 paragraphs:

  • Basics.
  • Conditions.
  • Limitations.
  • Coupons.

Let's see each paragraph closer.


Basics - Flexdiscount

"Name" - the name of your discount rule. Will be displayed in Available discounts, Active, and Deny.

"Symbolic code" - necessary to determine the rules of discounts among an array of others. Can be used in blocks for visual selection, or individual display.Only for advanced users or programmers.

"Description" - extended description of the discount. Visible only in administrative part.

"Discount", "Affiliate" - percentage of discount (bonus) or fixed currency value. The last one can be set for each product or for order in general.

"Discount base" - You can choose the discount base. It can be the price of the product, compare price or purchase price. If no any parameter, it will be based on regular price.

"Hide in storefront" - the choice of whether to display discounts in the block of Available discounts. If You want to keep the rule in the work, but don't want to let the users know about it, then use this function.


Learn more how conditions work.

Conditions - Flexdiscount

Create conditions, after which the products will have discount.

Discounts can be set on:

  • all products;
  • all products that meet the conditions;
  • all products that failed conditions;
  • categories;
  • product sets;
  • product types;
  • single product;
  • product with features;
  • shipping.

Alse You can clarify the discount:

  • every similar n-product;
  • n cheapest products;
  • every n-th cheapest products;
  • n the most expensive products;
  • every n-th the most expensive products;
  • all subsequent similar products following by n-product;
  • n products from z-similar.


Here you can set maximum discount value and maximum affiliate value.

Also you can limit discount to product.

Limitations - Flexdiscount

Limitations work only inside discount rule.


There are:

  • Coupons
  • Coupon generators

Coupons can be created in any discount rule.

You can specify coupon length, symbols for generating coupons, etc.

Coupon create - Flexdiscount

Coupon generators create coupons on demand and automatically connect coupon and discount rule.

You can use special code to embed coupon generator into email-notifications or in Your website, if you want to present discount to Your customer. Construction works in Smarty and PHP-files

Coupon generator - Flexdiscount

You can manage your coupons from any discount page.

Also you can automatically remove useless coupons.

Coupon paragraph - Flexdiscount

In your website you can use 2 coupon fields:

  • Default coupon field.
  • Special field from Flexdiscount plugin (use settings).

Read, how to prepare the template for Flexdiscount.

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