Compress JPG and PNG

Optimize JPG and PNG images with TinyPNG service
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To optimize JPG and PNG plugin uses partially free service TinyPNG.

The first 500 compressions each month are free!

You only pay for what you use. You will only be billed if you compress more than 500 images. To read more about plans and pricing and get API key you can on service page.


  1. Compression with a perfect balance in quality and file size.
  2. The file size is reduced by more than 70%.
  3. Bulk all images.
  4. Custom optimization: you can select products or images.
  5. Protecting images from re-optimizing (double optimization).
  6. 500 compressions each month are free.
  7. Original image is overwritten only if optimized image has smaller size.

Advices and recommendations

  • API-key is assigned to your email-address. Each API-key let you make 500 compressions for free.
  • If you have the opportunity, be sure to make backup before that!
    If you want to reduce unnecessary compressions, re-generate all product image thumbnails.
    Follow the steps:
    1. Go to Shop - Settings - Images.
    2. Specify "Thumbnails to be created when image is uploaded" (contact theme developer to get more information).
    3. Click "Re-generate all product image thumbnails", check "Automatically create thumbnails of predefined custom sizes".
    4. Now you can optimize the images.
  • You can check the quality of optimization on service page before bulk optimization.
  • If you are worried about the speed rates of various services, assessing the pages loading speed of the website, you can optimize firstly images that are presented on the main page.

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