Automatic creation of badges for products
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If you want to catch the buyer focus - create bright product badge. It is clearly, efficient, not intrusive. Create badges for promo products, show product discount, create the countdowns - all this in automatic mode. No more need to manually control badges for thousands of products.


  • More than 75 conditions for creating badges.
  • Create badges up to product skus.
  • Automatically badges generating.
  • Output product information to the badge.
  • Opportunity to create lots of badges, that can be combined with each other
  • Countdown.
  • Dynamic badge updating.
  • Convenient badge editor.


The plugin allows you to create:

  • Badges for categories, sets, types.
  • Badges for features, single products, skus.
  • Badges depend on quantity, total sum, total sales, etc.
  • Badges for users, user categories.
  • Badges for current date, time, day of week, time interval.
  • Badges, depend on total sales by selected time intervals.
  • Badges for different storefronts, etc.

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