1-Click Ordering

1-Click ordering lets you skip checkout proceeding
Available discounts
Discount 30% if you buy one of Webasyst product:

+ free plugin

Attention! You will get discount ONLY if you make an order through our website.

Buying one of these products gives You the opportunity to get a discount on any product from categories: theme designs, applications, plugins.

1-Click is a fast and easy way to order from the site with one click of a button. You can purchase a product or the whole shopping cart without wasting your time for checkout proceeding

  1. You can output the quickorder-button in any place of your template.
  2. 1-Click shopping cart ordering.
  3. Create your own 1-Click button, change the design and name.
  4. You can mention minimal price of order
  5. For authorized users all orders are placed to the order-history. For unauthorized users a new contact is created.
  6. Full compatibility with "Orders". Purchases are collecting in "Orders".
    Order state is "New".
  7. 16 styles for buttons and forms
  8. You can select any contact fields for 1-Click Form in your admin zone. If you want to create new field for the contact - just follow the Settings->Checkout->Contact info->Misc fields and address fields.
  9. Admin and user email notifications.
  10. SMS notifications.
  11. Stock levels control.
  12. You can change button's design in CSS by overloading the rules.
  13. You can choose fields, which are supposed to be required.
  14. Plugin considers products's quantity, services and variants.
  15. The button will be hidden automaticaly when the product is not in stock.
  16. Enable/disable plugin hooks.
  17. Coupon field.
  18. Adaptive popup window size.
  19. Easy to change the design of a button and popup window


  1. increasing the conversion of sales;
  2. fast and easy ordering without boring checkout proceeding;
  3. more sales, more customers, more orders.

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